Friday, November 17, 2006

Creative Computing (Minor)

My Tech Minor for Semester 2 - Impetuous Lust for Fairy Bread

Program Note

Fredrik Olofsson inspired the initial idea for this program when he briefly showed the sequencer he created during klip av’s SuperCollider tute at ACMC06. My initial design consisted of having 3 synthDef's, and a GUI designed around the interface of a Playstation controller. Unfortunately due to time constraints and lack of technical expertise, I quickly realised that I had to cut out the Playstation controller, reduced the number of synthDef's down to one, and redesigned the GUI for mouse control. I made many other sacrifices to the initial design; too many to list. I faced many technical issues with SuperCollider, many of which I were able to overcome, but many of which also held me back from fulfilling my original design.

In the end I wasn’t able to connect the GUI activity to the synth the way I wanted, but I nevertheless produced a composition I am happy with.

Here is an archive with all necessary files to recreate this program with SuperCollider

Impetuous Lust for Fairy Bread
Download 3'46